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We see climate change as one of the most important issues of our times, that’s why we are putting a lot of effort on sustainability.

Fresh water scarcity is a growing problem, in order to decrease our water consumption, we have installed water saving aerators to all our faucets. We are also collecting rain water and using it for the toilet systems.

Recycling is another area we put a lot of emphasis on, at our factory we have a zero waste policy where all the used plastic, paper, and fabric is collected and recycled.

As Promar, we know the significance of transport in the share of carbon footprint of a company. That’s why in order to decrease our carbon footprint, we are incentivizing our employees to use public transport.

The natural ecosystem is becoming more brittle as human impact on the earth increases, to support agricultural activities around us we are doing beekeeping as bees pollinate crops and increase yields. Also we are growing many different nuts fruits and vegetables in our garden and sharing the harvest with the Promar family.